I suggest you to visit Anagni and Fiuggi: two fantastic relaxing towns full of beautiful and important sites to visit, 70 km out of Rome in the area called "Ciociaria" , so called because of "the ciocie" in the ancient times special shoes sandals made by leather string kept in place all around the legs, a place known for its magnificent natural green area, excellent food specialities like "Tagliatelle and Gnocchi" and its hystorical aspects as well in fact Anagni was famous in the middle age as the town of the popes, many popes were born here from famous rich families, and who doesn't remember from the school books the famous: "Slap of Anagni?", there is the room where this event took place, anyhow this is the story: Pope Boniface VIII, from the Caetani family, rules Rome. A small terrain dispute took Him as an excuse to a total war with the Colonna family, also with Pretensions to place a pope in Rome. The war ended with the total destruction of the Colonna capital, Palestrina, and the banishment of the family to France.Meanwhile, the king Philip IV the Fair had been taking a pulse with the Pope since several years before, as the pretensions of the latter to expand His power were extreme ("It is necessary for the salvation that every Human creature subjects to the Roman pontificate", Unam Sanctam, 1302).


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