Saint Paul church


Saint Paul church This extraordinary Cathedral is second only to S. Peter’s Cathedral (Vatican), and among the four important churches of Rome, that are: San Pietro, San Palo fuori le mura, Santa Maria Maggiore, San Giovanni in Laterano. Its ceiling and mosaics are fantastic so the portraits of all popes through the centuries, including the portrait of alive Pope Razzinger, the only illuminated, we can admire also an interesting cloister and the main altar, underneath lays the tomb of Saint Paul. The Saint was murdered after martyrdom, and was barbaric slaughtered in an area called “Three Fountains”, not very far from Saint Paul Cathedral on the way to EUR. Living the Cathedral by metro B (only one stop), getting off next station and catching a bus (3 stops) we can pay visit to an important and wide shopping store, where you can find wide range of ladies, men and children clothes.