The Eruption

The eruption had mortal effects in an area that extends up to 15 kilometres from the volcano; in all the studied sites are the traces of a dramatic escape: dishes left in the huts and imprints of men and animals that tried to leave the villages as soon as from the Vesuvius started to rise columns of gas and ash. The only bodies of which the rests have remained are of a man and of a woman, buried by the ash in a zone at about 17 kilometres from the volcano. Many others are dead when the concentration of ashes in the air has penetrated in the bronchuses, giving suffocation.
In that zone, according to the results of the researchers, lived 10.000 to 20.000 persons; most of them could estranging from volcano, but the eruption however provoked thousand of victims. When the survivors returned back to the villages, they tried to reconstruct them, as it is testified by the rests of the poles of the found huts. But the fields submerged by the ash were by now unluckily to cultivate. All at a sudden the whole social and agricultural structure of the villages was deleted and the whole zone remained uninhabited.


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