Roman Forum

How interesting is the history of Rome! a town with such a glorious past and a still interesting cultural centre of arts with its monuments, plenty of fountains, squares and churches, testimony of the seat and strength of Papacy for so many cenuries.Of course there is the evidence of the somptuous cerimonies carried out in the Colosseum (anphitheatre Flavium), which could accomodate up to 50.000 spectators and where also many gladiators had to fight against ferocious beasts and many Christians lost their lives too, all this to amuse the Emperors and its court; there was a lot of cruelty during that time. Let’s go for an interesting visit to the Roman Forum, which was once the centre of political, religious and economical life, especially during Emperor Augustus reign, but evidences from escavations give us the idea that the Forum area existed also much before the Augustus Empire, in fact there is the ruins of a building called “regia”, that it is believed to be the King’s sun dried bricks palace of Numa Pompilius (7th century b.c.) the second king of Rome, other evidences guide us to the Republican’s the “Curia” in the Comitium area, the Seat of the Roman Senate during Cesar’time, who built his Forum there. Two decorated honorary Arches remind us about the glorious Campaigns of the Roman Emperors : Arch of Titus (80 A.D). Arch of Septimius Severus (203 A. D.) and he Arch of Costantine near the Colosseum, close to the Roman Forum.So many other evidences of the past are there, but it is much nicer and more interesting to visit directly this magic site.


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