Villa D'Este

In 1550 Cardinal Hippolyte d'Este, the son of Lucretia Borgia and Alfonso I d'Este, built Villa d'Este following the project of Pirro Ligorio. The Villa is reputed to stand on the site of an ancient medieval district called "Valle Gaudente". The magnificent fountains are fed by the waters of the Aniene through a series of pipes which pass under the historical centre.
The courtyard, which corresponds to the present entrance of the Villa, was the cloister of a Benedictine convent incorporated in the monumental building of the Villa. The Italian-style garden with its beautiful fountains is a splendid example of the Renaissance gardens' art and architecture. The most famous fountains are: the Fountain of the Bicchierone (Large Glass), the One Hundred Fountains, the Fountain of the Ovato, the Fountain of the Dragons and the Fountain of the Hydraulic Organ (where a perfectly functioning organ was placed).

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